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Introducing Project Zub LLC SmileCraft Zirconia Crowns and More!


Zirconia Crowns (PFZ)

  Posterior: $120.00

Anterior: $140.00

Premium: $160.00

Precision fit, proven strength, and natural aesthetics – our Zirconia Crowns are designed to impress. Experience the following benefits:

Superior fit with CAD/CAM technology

Proven high strength performance (1440 MPa)

5-year clinical study with 100% survival rate

Natural translucency and unmatched aesthetics

Available in 8 shades

*Premium denotes internal staining.


Full Zirconia Crowns

  Posterior: $115.00

Anterior: $140.00

Premium: $160.00

Enjoy precision, strength, and aesthetic appeal with our Full Zirconia Crowns.


E-Max Crowns

  Posterior, Inlay, Onlay: $120.00

Anterior, Veneer, Inlay, Onlay: $160.00

Discover the excellence of E-Max crowns, perfect for various applications.


Pressed Ceramic Crowns

  General: $100.00

Anterior, Veneer: $100.00*

For a classic touch, opt for our Pressed Ceramic Crowns.


Miscellaneous Services

  Custom shades, adjustments, and more available. Please call for pricing.

Rush cases subject to a $30.00 minimum per day charge.



Rest easy knowing that we maintain top-notch quality control, use trusted materials, and pay meticulous attention to detail.


Delivery Time

Please note that our delivery time does not include weekends, holidays, or shipping. Special arrangements can be made for rush cases.



All statements must be paid in full upon receipt. Unpaid amounts after the 20th of the month will incur a 2% finance charge per month.


We pride ourselves on delivering excellence in every dental restoration we create. Contact Project Zub LLC SmileCraft for precision, aesthetics, and trust in your dental lab needs.