About Project Zub LLC

Introducing Project Zub LLC - Your Path to Dental Excellence!


Are you in search of top-notch dental restoration services? Look no further! I’m Semir Mehinovic, with nearly 17 years of experience as a certified expanded functions dental assistant.


What sets Project Zub apart is our unwavering commitment to quality and personalized service. Unlike other dental labs, we exclusively collaborate with highly reputable local labs for your restoration needs, covering everything from implant crowns to zirconia, e.max, PFM, and removables.


But here’s the real game-changer - I’m not just a name on a screen. I’ll be your hands-on partner. I personally handle your cases, from pick-up to delivery, ensuring that your feedback shapes the perfect restoration every time.


Local to Kansas City? I’ll be there in a heartbeat to make sure your needs are met. Need assistance within your dental office? I’m your go-to consultant for fine-tuning your operations to your exact liking.


Plus, we’ve got dental supplies to cover all your needs, ensuring a seamless, customized experience from start to finish.


Whether you prefer a call, a text, or even a messenger pigeon, I’m here to assist you. Let’s take your dental practice to new heights, together!


Trust in Project Zub for excellence in dental restoration and personalized service that pays off. Contact me today, and let’s elevate your practice to the next level!